ATypI fall-out - Part 1

Just replied to Lupton's infamous Free Font Manifesto. Sheesh, yeknow... dunno, but... :^/


Boy, that really threw me through a loop during her presentation. I thought I had bought a ticket for the wrong movie, or something. A lot of smaller typefoundries would be out of business if they tried to pick up this bone…

A neat little photograph ( on flickr and its description are apt, I think ;-)

" Free Font Manifesto." Fluff. I've commented on site.

Lupton said that! With all the hell going on in the world today, this is the grand cause we should aspire to? Why doesn't she volunteer to help feed the hungry around the world instead of laying a guilt trip on the less-than-wealthy typeface design community.

With friends like Ellen, I'd rather have a felon,


Yeah, her "manifesto" is more like a poorly conceived rhetorical question... You can read my comments on her blog.