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"The Kings" typewriter/grunge serif

I've been following this great board for two years now, and I've learned quite a bit (it amazes me how people can spot some pretty tricky things). I have tried to stay resourceful and figure out most ID problems by myself rather than posting here, but I have recently taken on a project where I'm having trouble ID'ing a couple fonts... I'm truely stumped on this and that's why I'm here.

This typewriter/grunge serif was for "The Kings: Unstoppable" album/CD. I'm trying to determine if a font was used for this. I have searched hundreds of grunge fonts, tried Identifont, What The Font?, and looked through quite a few font sites- not much luck.

The CD was released in 1993. The member of the band I spoke with wasn't sure if fonts were used or not.

Thanks for reading!