Feedback on MJ font

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Hi Josh,
my first impression was very good. what i lked very much is the way the wheights extend, when they become fatter.

The round serifs and the drop-endings will probably be to heavy for running text. Maybe you should make the stems a little more thicker, so that the overall contrast (=difference between the thin and fat strokes) will be higher.

Mathematically the widths of your roundings (bowls), should be more then the widths of your vertical stems, so that optically they wont look thinner.

v, w, y, and the x need serifs or something else to fit in with the rest. You can leave the inner stem of the 'm' without serif, but i wouldn't shorten it the way you did.

For the 'z' i could think of a tail inspired on the tail of the 'k'. Thus dropping under the baseline.

Maybe you should also try a version with shorter upper strokes.

I am curious about the capitals.


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