Sans Serif, Sans Dough

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What the hell happened to Serif magazine in general, and issue #7 in particular - it's been "in the works" for over two years now, come on.

Am I the only one who paid for a subscription but didn't get the goods? Do snake-oil salesmen still exist? Or am I being too harsh. Could somebody please tell Don Hosek (a founder of the ethics-centric TypeRight...) to let his subsribers know exactly when to expect the next issue, or how to get their money back?


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Hrant --

I'm in the same boat as you on this one. I bought all the available back issues and paid a subscription right before #7 was to have been published originally. Two years later -- nada.

I was willing to cut dh a break for a while -- publishing a niche magazine is not easy -- but now I'm feeling a bit peeved too.

He should either prioritize putting out the issue or he should refund subscriptions.

-- K.

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