(x) Esquire Magazine - Gotham, Vectora, Mercury Display et al {Kent, Jonathan}

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Trying to ID the house fonts for the current design of US Esquire, as well as the Main Sans Serif of US GQ under Woodward. Sorry I dont have any scans. Im aware that both these are probably custom drawn, If anyone has any information on their origins, It would be most appreciated.


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Yes, that's them. Esquire uses my "Mercury Display" typeface, as well as Tobias Frere-Jones' slab serif, formerly known as "Strada" (Albert Pinggera just released a design by the same name, so we're looking for a replacement.)

The GQ face is indeed Gotham, also by Tobias. You can follow the link above.

Regards, Jonathan

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Erik Estrada, maybe.

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I haven't seen a copy of Esquire recently, but last I knew they were using Jonathan Hoefler's Mercury for their serif text face and some heads. For sans, I think they've been using a fair bit of Frutiger's Vectora.

Neither have I seen GQ recently, so I may be mistaken, but I believe that they've been using a version of HTF's Gotham for their main sans.

Someone who has the magazines at hand (or Jonathan) can confirm.

-- K.

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