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I have found a font similar to the Gucci logo

Hi, this post just concerning the requests to ID the Gucci Logo.

ID was usually dismissed because considered the Logo was considered custom designed, but I just fed the Logo in www.myfonts.com 'what the font' engine and it neatly outputed this typeface ... I'd say a 95% match of the logo.


Could anyone send me this font or something as I am in need of it :(
and I'm not allowed to buy it :(.

No, we couldn't! If you want to use this font you'll have to buy it...

BTW: Who is forbidding you to pay $29 for this font if I may ask?

Personally, I think they need to re model the Gucci logo, as many branded company name try to steal the Gucci rights.

Are you going to tell us which font this is???

Ah yes ... completely forgot to actually MENTION it, sorry ... it is called 'Goldenbook' drawn by Mark Simonson

According to Mark's site, it was designed in 2003 based off the logo of The Golden Book Magazine from the 1920s. I don't know how old the Gucci logo is. Maybe Mark can shed some light on the subject.

- Lex

I think it has certainly been revamped. Tom Ford presented his first Gucci Collection in 1995, also the Group went public that year and from there on the brand evolved as a global fashion brand. They certainly had some Art Director working on it to make it look more elegant and slicker. Here's a older logo.

I'd like to add that I'm really happy to have found this font.

We once worked on a logo design for Yves Saint Laurent 'Cinema' perfume and lost the pitch to Art Director Thomas Lenthal who used Optima as proposed Logo. I fully understand why he had chosen Optima, it is very classical (so coherent with the clients brief who wanted to go for a 30's kind of glamour), slim and elegant, but only if seen from far, I think the Optima is dead ugly when you see it from close, it has those curvy lines which make it look kinda sloppy and of little formal value. Goldenbook would have delivered the same 30's galmour message but with much more typographic rigour.

I totally agree. :^)