re:member Credit Card Font


Anyone knows what font this is?


Looks like Akzidenz Grotesk to me.

- Lex

Yes but it's a derivative. Some letters are different, particularly 'a' and 'g'. Also notice the spurs of 'r', 'm' and 'b' are asymmetrical.

Probably customised.

Possibly. But the thing is I remember seeing it somewhere before.

I know Bitstream has a font similar to AG - Gothic 720 or something. I'll check.

- Lex

Edit: Nope, Gothc 720 is different

The closest match I know is Gothic 725, but it too is not an exact match.

This typeface--so similar to Akzidenz, but not quite it--has dogged me for years. I have a similar reaction to the "Akzidenz" used for signage in the New York subways. It's Akzidenz, and yet...

Aha! Gothic 725. That's what I was thinking of. I think it's the closest so far.

- Lex

I think I found a pre-digital sample of this very typeface (on Typophile, no less!). Check this image out. It was called Akzidenz-Grotesk halbfett:

This specimen was posted here in the forums, and it's worth reading the fascinating discussion of Akzidenz that surrounds it.

This still doesn't answer the question of where the digital version is coming from.

this one here has similar features: the descender in the g is very short.

It is called British Rail Dark Normal, as all the descenders are short it composes in horizontal lines. It's one of my fave AkzGro alternatives next to the Unica Haas.