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FF Strada

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Albert Pinggera, 2002

FF Strada was originally designed for forms in a thesis project. It is very legible in small sizes and offers an alternative alphabet for a second language which is invaluable in bilingual forms. This is also why the italic has its own strong character. The typeface has been developed, applied and adjusted over a period of 5 years, and the result is three sub-families: Text, Small Caps and Condensed. Possible future extensions are Compressed and Mono/Correspondence fonts. The faces have OSF and TF figures which enables the user to apply the fonts in complex projects, corporate design solutions or orientation systems. The Italic has a clear contrast to the Roman but corresponds in form and character. The letters have little contrast and ascenders and descenders are quite short, thus it works well in small sizes with small line spacing. In large sizes the harmonic details of FF Strada are clearly visible and can give a product a special identity.

FF Strada was a winning entry of TDC2 2003, the Type Directors Club’s annual type design competition.

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