InDesign CS2 doesn't recognise kerning

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Hi there,
I have a major problem with InDesign CS2 not recognising kerning, neither class based nor classic kern table. InDesign CS1 works perfectly fine. I am generating OT TTF flavoured with all the necassary boxes ticked in FL 5.0.2 (see pic)
I know of at least another 3 people experiencing the same problem.

Can anybody help?

Much appreciated,

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It's been said before: InDesign won't recognize kerning unless there is at least one GSUB element (ligatures, fractions, ordinals, something). In short, if you ain't got no GSUB, you don't get no GPOS.

Make up one substitution feature & recompile. You should now get kerning in InDesign.

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Excellent! That worked.
Thank you very much for that hint.

This practice remains to be questioned though.


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Glad it worked -- but I'd call it a bug, not a "practice."

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