Perpetua and Felicity: Need a scan

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Does anyone here have access to the Fleuron? Does anyone have Fleuron Number 4? (I believe that is the right issue.) I am desperate for some information. Gah!! I went through all of my notes and cannot find any from my research on Perpetua. (This doesn't surprise me as I did lose over 3 boxes worth of my life when I shipped it back to me.) From what I recall of the article did have samples of the roman and the sloped roman, respectively Perpetua and Felicity. Any assistance for this beggar will be very much appreciated.


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I think I have made a copie from part of the artikle from Perpetua and a few copies of the font examples. But I can only scan it tommorow. I am still going to copie the rest, but the one they had in my clossest library was damaged. Somewhere iin the comming two weeks I am going to visit another library and copie the rest.

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Terence, thank you very much for your offer. In the meantime, someone else has offered to get me the scans.

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Tiff, is in the Fleuron Anthology?


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:^/ It is? Crud. I'm a goofball. I have that at home. I'll have to pull it down off the shelf. Doh!

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