Powstało Śląskie Pismo—Silesiana 2006

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Powstało Śląskie Pismo—Silesiana 2006

Powstało Śląskie Pismo

Dear Friends I would like to inform you that from October the 17th, 2006, The Castle of Enterprise and Art in Cieszyn and The Silesian Library in Katowice hosts, under supervision of local authorities, an exhibition which presents and concludes the project of a new typeface design: Silesiana 2006.

Silesiana 2006 is the first project of a type rooted in regional tradition, made in Poland after World War II and supported by local government. The authors are: Artur Frankowski (Warsaw)—a young generation typographer working with digital tools, Polish representative on ATypI Forum, and Henryk Sakwerda (Katowice)—classic typographer, working with calligraphy, author of many types awarded before the digital era.

The organisers are very proud of the result and hope that the project will continue. We would like to encourage Polish authorities to pay attention to typography as a part of the local culture, worth to be developed and supported. Katowice is a town in Silesia—south, industrial region of multicultural influences from Czech, Germany, and Poland. Its athmosphere is recognisable in the characters' shape, colour and light.

The conference and the opening of the exhibition of Silesiana 2006 typeface will take place on November the 15th, 2006. The main subject of the conference is the regional influence on types. The guests of honour are: Gerry Leonidas, Verena Gerlach, Filip Blazek, Adam Twardoch, Artur Frankowski, Henryk Sakwerda.

Students from Polish art and design schools, designers and teachers of design are invited for a discussion.

Participation in the conference is free for Polish and international guests. Those interested in a hotel reservation are kindly requested to contact the organisers at: info@zamekcieszyn.pl

Topics of presentations

Artur Frankowski
Regional influences in Polish typography.

Gerry Leonidas
European Type Design.

Filip Blazek
Overview of History of Czech Typefaces from 1900 to 2006.

Verena Gerlach
Karbid And Citystreettypes.

We hope it will be a very fruitful and interesting meeting focused on how the coexistence of Polish, Czech and German culture on the Silesia territory is reflected in the shapes of types.


Read more at: http://www.zamekcieszyn.pl

My best regards,

Ewa Satalecka


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Silesiana is now available for download here.