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I am looking into th origins of Stempel garamond and from what I understand it was adapted in 1924 from a specimen sheet by Egenolff-Berner from 1592 (Frankfurt). The garamond's type used to make this specimen sheet where aquired by Jacques Sabon from the Plantin print shop in Antwerp. I am wondering where this sheet is being kept and if there is a way to get a digital copy of it. All I could find online was this crappy gif.


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There is a copy of an Egenolff-Berner specimen in the Sabon Next brochure, from Linotype. If you e-mail me offline, I might be able to send you a copy of that. Don't know where the original is yet, though. Maybe in the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz? They have a good old Frankfurt specimen collection.

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"Als Hausschnitt entsteht unter der Leitung von Dr. Rudolf Wolf (1895-1942) die Garamond-Schriftenfamilie der D.Stempel AG. Als Studienunterlagen sind die schönsten Pariser Drucke aus Garamonds reifster Zeit herangezogen worden, desgleichen die Klassiker des Andreas Wechel, der seit etwa 1575 in Frankfurt Schriftbestände aus dem Nachlaß Garamonds benutzt hat."

"Stempel-Garamond was designed 1925 by Dr. Rudolf Wolf (1895-1942). Based on documents of the most beautiful parisienne prints from Garamonds highest developped time. Although were used the classics of Andreas Wechel, who since 1575 used fonts from Garamond in Frankfurt."


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For a facsimile see sheet no 2 in:
Dreyfus, John (ed.), Type specimen facsimiles. Reproduction of fifteen type specimen sheets. Bowes & Bowes: London 1963

The original specimen is in the Haeberlin / Mori collection of the Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek, Frankfurt am Main. It was thought to be destroyed in the Second World War, but in fact it was only mislaid.
See also James Mosley's introduction on page [19] in
Harry Carter: A view of early typography, reprinted edition, Hyphen Press, London 2002

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Thank you and sorry for the double post

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