Saoirse smalls (new face)

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That's really beautiful Geo. I didn't recognize the k at first, but seeing it in some words will probably make it more recognizable. I don't like the sloping bar of the e--it seems heavier then the thins in the other letters and I don't see the same stress angle in the other round letters.


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thanks very. this is my first face (though the fourth version) and i am much in need of critical eyes.

re: the k, my concern is that the horizontals are too close together. see sample words below.

re: the e, yes.... i wrestled with that bar a lot. numerous variations. I think that inline and especially at smaller scale, the angle is less noticable, but i would be glad to hear your thoughts. the weight i am still very uncertain of. the stress is the same as the other rounds except the o and d, whose interiors are rotated slightly to keep the set line from appearing to wobble and in the q.


Note: these are all hand set and the spacing is various. any comments on spacing would be greatly appreciated, as i am preparing to 'fontify' these chars now (or as soon as i make any mods based on critiques recieved here).


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