Best Design Book for Designer's B-day Present

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Two designers in my studio have upcoming Birthdays, and I've been
asked for gift suggestions. I thought a killer type or design book
might be a cool idea, any must-have books out there (preferrably
more recent ones) that you could link to to offer some good ideas?

Or any other non-book gift suggestions?

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Fraktur, Mon Amour, previously discussed here, can be purchased stateside from John Neal books. John had 5 copies last time I spoke with him.

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Tiffany, Thanks girl! (I finally figured out my password back into this site,
after about 3 years of being away) Remember me, John Spencer? (not the
guy trying to beat Hillary in NY though)

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Hi, John. Yes, I remember you. Hope you are well!

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its not really an eyecandy, but the gigantic fontbook is a nice addition to any typophile book collection.

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Thanks again for the suggestions, any others out there? Design books you own and love? Type books that are a must have? only a couple days left.

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Design Writing Research
by Ellen Lupton & J. Abbot Miller

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