NYC presentation: Armenian Type

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NYC presentation: Armenian Type

Just passing this along for one of my friends:

Learn about the unique letterforms of Armenian.
As part of a panel, along with paleographer Dr. Abraham Terrian, I
will be introducing typographic design with Armenian examples. The
featured lecturer will be Carolyn Puzzovio, an English graphic
designer who has made Armenian her specialty. She will be exhibiting
her work and speaking about "The Remarkable Legacy of Mashtots".

7:30 p.m., Wednesday, November 1
Guild Hall of the Diocese of the Armenian Church
630 Second Avenue and 35th St. in Manhattan
Free Admission
For more info, email:

Hope you can make it,

-Peter Bain

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Super! Wish I could make it. :-( But I do know of a small army of
potentially-interested Armenian contacts in NY that I will alert.


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More about Carolyn Puzzovio and the lectures that evening: