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Eduardo Manso

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Eduardo Manso was born in Argentina in 1972. He studied Graphic Design in the “School of Visual Arts Martín Malharro” from Mar del Plata and made a Postgraduate of “Visual Communication Design” at la Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata. He was Art Director and Co-publisher of the Argentinan graphic design magazine “el Huevo” (the Egg). He has designed and published diverse types through T-26, ITC, Bitstream and Linotype. Manso’s Bohemia typeface, among other distinctions, gained 1st Prize in the text category of Linotype’s “International Type Design Contest 2003”. He has obtained the certificate to the “Excellence in Type” granted by the Type Directors Club of New York in 2004 for Bohemia (Argot), in 2006 for Relato Sans and in 2007 for Lorena Serif. Currently, Eduardo combines his graphic design work with classes in typography at diferents schools of Barcelona and the design of new typefaces.