(x) "Specials" wide connected retro script at Font Diner - Permanent Waves {Patricia, Marc O}

Can someone tell me what font is this?


Susan: There is no image. Did you forget to attach one?


Hmm. Since you found that graphic on fontdiner.com maybe you could have first looked at their fonts, in which case you would have figured out that it's Permanent Waves, from the Doggie Bag set.


Susan, I don't mean to be rude, but since this header comes from Font Diner, did you think to look through the site's offerings before asking about the font?

In any case, it's Permanent Waves, from the Doggie Bag font set.

I didn't mean to pile on -- I'm slow with the HTML and was composing my answer while Patty swooped in. ;)

Marc, we are so on the same page tonight LOL


I am a few minutes ahead of you tho...

and I was worried about being snippy too until I read your post.

Ha haha.... ooops.. youre right!!