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The FFIL file is what is traditionally know as a Mac [[font suitcase]]. In OS 9 and before it generally had a suitcase icon. In the case of a [[Postscript]] [[Type 1]] font, there needs to be a [[LWFN]] paired with it; this is the Postscript Type 1 [[Outline]].

Another common situation is that the font is a traditional Mac [[TrueType]] font. It has the outlines contained in the same file as the Suitcase. There is no obvious way to tell using only the Finder. It does not need to have a .dfont or .ttf extension, and does indeed store critical data in the resource fork. If you add the font to a font manager, you should be able to determine quickly that it is TT.

If a PostScript font suitcase is missing it’s outline, it may sometimes be refered to as ‘[[bitmap]] only’ or an ‘orphan’. In some applications, these faces may still be available, typically you will get a warning if you try to print them. This situation exists for backwards compatability with certain applications.