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Joined: 1 Nov 2006 - 1:06am
New Face, Levin


This is my first post here, and this is my first typeface.

The face is conceptually based off the town planning grid of a town in New Zealand called Levin.

Here it is. I have quite a bit of work to do on the kerning.

This is the lighter weight version of the face.

Any feedback is welcome. I realise that the characters are a little odd, but that conceptually was what I was going for.

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Joined: 10 Sep 2006 - 6:19pm

I like this in general. Much of the lc seems too wide, while the uc is too narrow, relative to each other. But that might just be my opinion.

I see among your punctuation you have a "$" and a 2-story "a" which I guess could be an alternate or an "@". If it is the latter, it isn't recognizable as such, nor is the "$". While the vertical bar doesn't need to be continuous or even necessarily penetrate the outer contours, it still needs a little more of it. As it is, the "$" looks like an "S" with some obscure accent of some kind.

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Joined: 23 Aug 2006 - 2:16pm

I like it
But maybe you have to work in the spacing of the characters, I really think that the words are too tight. The shapes must equilibrate the inner spaces with the spaces between gylphs. The kerning stuff leave it for later. Good Luck!

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Joined: 19 Oct 2003 - 5:03pm

Nice. I think the crossbar of f and t are a bit too short.