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FF Call

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Released by FontFont, 2000

For their work in cell phone advertising, the three designers (Maik Ignaszak, Stefan Kisters, and Astrid Scheuerhorst ) were constantly in need of display type for phones from Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, etc. As PostScript versions of these fonts weren’t commercially available, either from the companies themselves or from various type libraries, they decided to make their own. The result is FF Call, a package of over 70 fonts from a dozen brands of cellular phones. Each design comes in three versions: Regular, Italic and Negative, plus Expert Sets.

Compatibility list:

FF Call One - Alcatel
FF Call Two - Bosch
FF Call Three - Ericsson
FF Call Four - Motorola
FF Call Five - Nokia
FF Call Six - Panasonic
FF Call Seven - Philips
FF Call Eight - Siemens
FF Call Nine - Sony

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