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hey everybody - what do you think, is this an idea for a display font? might be fun doing...


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nice... do it!!

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Make sure to include lots of alts like you've drawn.

- Lex

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If it's a scribble font, could it be not based on Helvetica? Since it's not meant to add to the Helvetica family, you're free to be more expressive and organic with the shapes.

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thanks for the comments.

crossgrove - i'm impressed you've recognized the helvetica. actually, part of the idea was to take a printed type back full circle to a scribble stage. not good?

i'm a bit worried the vectors are becoming to complex when streamlining this. does anybody have any experience with this?

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You can always simplify the vectors in FontLab (cmnd E), which will reduce the number of points with no great loss of quality (for a font like this).

Nick Cooke

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