(x) Epson print ad font - Carlos/Casablanca {Frank Schnappenberger, Mike Y}

Epson is using a stylish sans-serif for current print ads. What is it and where can I get it?


Looks like Carlos by Jason Castle

"Looks like Carlos by Jason Castle"

There seem to be a couple of modifications to Carlos -- look at the top of the b and the t. Since Carlos and Casablanca are both based on Carlos Winkow's 'Elektra/Electra' and both have a taller 't' and a 'b' with a left-right incline on the top of the stem, this font is a modification of one of them. It also looks like the right legs of the 'h', 'm', and 'n' have extensions below the baseline, compared to the two commercial fonts we identified. (There was also Image Club's 'Arquitectura', as another font based on this design, but it does not match the Epson typeface either).

- Mike Yanega

oops. of course you’re right. just looked at the distinctive g.