(x) Jen-Coat Inc. characteristic heavy sans - Modula {Mike Y}

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Does anyone know what font this is?


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Can you repost the image? I can't open the image you've posted. Anyone else?

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Can you see this?

Can't help with the id though...

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I think that's 'Modula' (not the Emigré font). Let's see if I can find it online somewhere.

- Mike Yanega

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So far I have confirmed in the 'Homage to the Alphabet' book that this is 'Modula Extra Bold'. I have also found that Opti Fonts had this under the name of Ogden, but I can't find it online. A lighter weight (bold?) was once distrbuted by NovelFonts under the name of Obbsidda.

That's all I have been able to find through my notes. Maybe Mike F. has more info on digital versions?

- Mike Yanega

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Here's one instance.

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Yves, I didn't see a link to a font on that page. There was my sample of Obbsidda, which is no longer available anywhere, as far as I know.

- Mike Yanega

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Sorry for the confusion, I just wanted to show a more complete character set. I know of no digital version.

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As a matter of fact, Mike ...

Other digital versions of Modula XB that I'm aware of are:

1) Kasse FLF from the defunct Casady & Greene folks. The download includes equivalents to Modula Light, Bold and XB (there was a medium weight to Modula too).

2) Modularity from Doug Olena/Keystrokes.

Neither matches the image exactly, but it's the image's characters that have been altered from Modula - especially the c and C - not the fonts.

Oh, and Castcraft likely still will sell you their version, but their customer service, er, lacks enthusiam, shall we say?

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Mike, I knew you would know of sources if anyone did. Thanks for chiming in.

- Mike Yanega

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Revenge of the Mikes - one to ID and one to provide a source.

- Lex

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