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Göran Söderström (born 1974) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Founder of the type design studio Autodidakt. Also working at Pangea design with custom type.

Commercial fonts:
The Satura Suite (2010), released by Fountain.
Meadow Condensed (2010), released by Fountain.
Heroine (2009), released by Fountain.
Meadow (2009), released by Fountain.
Flieger (2008), released by Fountain.
Shabash (2008), released by PSY/OPS.
Exemplar (2008), released by PSY/OPS.
Navelfluff (2006), released by Veer.
Trentor (2006), released by Veer.
Trentor Script (2006), released by Veer.

Custom type:
SEB Basic (2009), custom typeface for SEB Group.

Enighet (2007), custom typeface for LO, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation. Enighet was awarded in European Design Awards 2008.

FF Dagny (2009), released by FontShop.

Pilo Thin (2008), released by Veer. Collaboration with Kenneth Pilo and Mårten Fischer.

Berling Nova Sans (2007), Editing, adjustments and font development. Designed by Fredrik Andersson and Örjan Nordling at Pangea design .

Pilo (2007), released by Veer. Collaboration with Kenneth Pilo, Mårten Fischer and Ray Larabie.

Free fonts:
Autostyler (2006).

Website & Social media:

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