"Sketches of Frank Gehry" movie title hand printed script

Hi everyone. This is frustrating -- I know this one but am currently drawing a blank. Can anyone help me out, please?

Thanks a bunch.


Looks like a modified Enviro, maybe that gives you a new direction?

I don't think I've seen that one. Could they have made a font based on his hand?

Yup, you're right. Very bizarre...

I had the same feeling -- until I realized that Enviro's 'S' and 'O' were the reason. Now I'm at a loss.

Edit: Oops ... wayyy too late.

I worked with an interior designer who had focused handwriting that very much reminded me of Enviro and Tekton. I'm not saying this is hand-lettered, all of the E(s) match, but it isn't beyond the realmn of possibility.

> I had the same feeling -- until I realized that Enviro’s ‘S’ and ‘O’ were the reason.

I guess that's what must've thrown me. I recognized that typical S, but the rest of the face didn't seem to match.

You know how we are always telling people how easy and cheap it is to make a font from hand printing. Seems like an architects lettering is made to order for making into a font. I think the similar letters to Enviro reflect a simple, quick lettering style -- using only a straight and curved stroke for the S is efficient, as is the back-slanted crossbar on the A. As a one-time architecture student, I recall how good you can get at quickly lettering in capitals. I think this is probably a font made from Gehry's lettering.

- Mike Yanega

Just as Tekton was made from Ching's.

(from an owner of a first edition of "Building Construction Illustrated")