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Type Humor

An associate sent these to me. They are non-type people but thought I'd laugh. They tell me I'm a type snob. I did laugh.

Grab the file from here (Large PDF 2.2 Mb)


What's with the name and password?

That was funnier than I first expected! Although that Frutiger 55 comment was way off of course. BTW, can I get an outline version of page 27? It rules, especially with that shading.


i never really thought about how curlz rhymes with gurlz b4. X^P

Ha! What is the font used on page 36 though? Is it Brash, or something?

Thanks, Tiffany.

Myriad and Lucida Grande are not the same thing.

Dontbugme, it’s Mrs Eaves.

I didn't create these. All I have is a folder of PNG, GIF, and JPG files.

I debated about removing the Frutiger image. There were a few that were even more tasteless than that which I did remove. I don't agree with it at all. Part of the humor, for me, was the fact that it is so off.

BFF4likeEVER :^D

Could you possibly track down an outline version of page 27 though?


No, sorry. I don't have a license to that typeface.

Thanks Tiff! God those were even worse than me!