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(x) Bembo-like text face - Poliphilus, Blado {Patricia}

From a paperback, apparently (from the punctuation) typeset in England but published here in the 1960s...the italics and oldstyle figures look like Bembo, but the roman looks much funkier and if digitized would be a wonderful alternative to the more formal Monotype Bembo. Note the slanted hyphens and many other kinks and oddities. Has this or something very like it been digitized?


I think that's Poliphilus, not Bembo. Lemme check. Yep,


The italics are Blado


Thanks pattyfab...prompt and invaluable assistance.

I recognized that hyphen immediately, used this font pretty recently.


If it's of interest, Poliphilus/Blado (they're meant as companions even with different names) were designed to mimic ink squash, so they do have this irregularity built into them, kind of an "antique" finish. They're also much less delicate than the original Bembo digitization, so they're very well suited to offset printing. A possible benefit is that Poliphilus is probably more economical than Bembo. The family is small, but at this point, unique.

Thanks Carl, I did try out my Monotype digitized versions, which unfortunately are cleaner and lighter than my metal sample above, and thus very close to Centaur and Adobe Jenson. If Monotype were smart, considering the market interest in funky Renaissance faces, they would meet the Adobe competition by creating a unified P/F family, with easy keyboard link to the italic and, of course, with oldstyle figures loaded. Right now, all desirable options require manual switching: bor-ring!

It's so interesting what you say about mimicking ink squash. Fonts that address this period really should be a shade heavier and less delicate...the best entrant right now is Dupré's funky, robust Zingha, with that fabulous lower case a!

"Right now, all desirable options require manual switching: bor-ring!"

What's wrong with using a font program to rename the font from Blado to Poliphilus Italic?

Or set up a style sheet.