Haier geometric sans logo

Does anyone know what the Haier logotype typeface is?



I'd say that ITC Avant Garde Demi Bold is most of it, the 'Haie' part, but the 'r' has been tweaked by hand.

It's not ITC Avant Garde Demi Bold. Look at the "e" in the logotype its more open, the "H" is wider, the end of the "r" cuts off at an angle. Actually looking at ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi Bold at a larger scale I can also see that the "a" is different too. The "i" looks the same though. How do I reopen this post?

Even if they are originally based on a typeface, the individual characters in logos are often tweaked for harmony or visual effect. I'm with Ben -- this probably started life as Avant Garde and was stretched/manipulated by the designer. Not very well, IMHO: look at how thick the r is compared to the e, for example.

Anyway, if you just need the logo as artwork, go here:


Yea, I think the letters are from different typefaces.

Thanks for the link, but I'm not really interested in the logotype itself, but the actual typeface. That is if it is a typeface.

The “i” looks the same though.

Thanks. You're welcome. You don't have to reopen this post – it's not 'solved'. Other people will contribute if they feel they can give you a more definitive answer, as Mark has done.

How about I tell you that the Haier logotype is NotFutura?

> You don’t have to reopen this post – it’s not ‘solved’.

I did tag the post as solved with ITC Avant Garde Gothic, Ben, as this is clearly no font but a customisation of the aforementionned design. I reopened it upon Ferdinand's request, even though I'm convinced this is a wild goose chase. There is no font that looks like that.