(x) Light Light by Emily Artinian - Deepdene {Emily Artinian}

Any ideas what this font is ?


I think it looks like a version of Jenson. Hightower, by Tobias Frere-Jones is a modern version that is quite similar to the sample.

- Mike Yanega

Further looking has led me to think that Goudy's Kaatskill is perhaps closer.

- Mike Yanega

It must be metal/letterpress.

FWIW, I happen to know Emily personally - she bought Nour&Patria* to set her impressive "From Ararat to Angeltown", and I also did some light typographic consulting on that for her. I'll email her.

* From the Creative Review competition: http://www.themicrofoundry.com/ad/CR.pdf


I agree it looks like letterpress, but I was trying to ID the typeface, and a close digital version if possible. I'll be interested in Emily's answer.

- Mike Yanega

It's Deepdene - set in Quark, then burned to polymer plate by Elias Roustom of EM Letterpress, and then, yes, printed 'letterpress' - the new fashioned way: from a plastic sheet mounted on a type-high block.

- Emily Artinian

Oh Emily, I wasn't giving you enough credit with my "metal"! :-)
Should've known better.

I actually printed my new business cards letterpress
with photopolymer: I think it's the best of both worlds.


Thank you Emily.

Well, I was at least close, with the designer ;)

- Mike Yanega