Type ID please (Old pharmacy bottles)


I'm looking for a font used for old pharmacy bottles. I have two types of font, any one would be fine, though I would personally prefer the "PHOSPHOR." font.

These fonts in the picture are hand-drawn, so no 100% match is possible (tried the What The Font website, no luck), but I'm sure very similar fonts must exist.

Any suggestions? (Preferably free fonts)

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An approximately try to visit in pharmacy technician training schools if there's an old bottle they used on projects. Sometimes students have projects of that related to pharmacy equipments.

Correct link for Cape Arcona type foundry:


Hi Tillmann

(Question) If you want them for free, and you know they are hand drawn to begin with, what is stopping you from redrawing them yourself?

The Sol.Zinc.Sulfur lettering is a fat face – something like Poster Bodoni Compressed

The Phosphor.Sol lettering is some kind of mangled sans serif (of which there are many available as freebies on the web), but I don't know what it might be called. Probably someone else here knows what it is...



@ ben_archer:

Thanks, Poster Bodoni Compressed matches quite well - knowing that, I also found the cheaper alternative "Arsis" where the uppercase characters seem to look pretty much identical (the lowercase ones don't).
Why I am not redrawing it myself? Well, I'm an engineer not a graphics artist, I neither have the tools nor the skills to do it :)


Thanks also, I checked out these fonts but they don't really match. If you look at the S on the bottle - the outside of the letter is squarish, but the inside of the S is perfectly round, and the thickness varies across the letter. Haven't found a font with these characteristics. I think that's what gives the "handmade" feel.


Tillman: Check out the Cape Arcona type foundry. There are several sans serif faces with the look and feel you're after, and a few of them are free. I'm thinking of Alternative Three, C.I.A., Ginger Mint (the lowercase is stupendous), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Traktor.

I'm a sign painter and a huge fan of naive typography. Hence, my enthusiasm! =)