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Hello all,

I was just wondering if any of you could list a few women typographers past or present. Zuzana Licko and maybe Jennifer Sterling (if she produced a typeface, I'm not sure) is about all I know. Thanks a lot.

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are you looking for type designers? A typographer is something different.

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I give you one of each:
Paula Scher & Sibylle Hagmann

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- Clotilde Olyff

She used to design typefaces but she also created logos, stamp for the belgian postal service, sculpture inspired by letters, beautiful wooden objects and a lot of other things.
An exhibition of her work is being held in Brussels but the website shows very little of the content :
Three photos of an earlier (and very small) exhibition :

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Margo Chase rules.
And don't forget Jill Bell.

But top of the heap (sans fonts to her name however) is Marian Bantjes.
She's like a messiah.


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I think there was a thread like this about a year ago where many women typographers were listed?


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Sara Soskolne works at Hoefler & Frere-Jones. She graduated from the Type Design program at Reading in 2002. Scroll down a bit.

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Kanna Aoki, Cynthia Batty, Linnea Lundquist, Olivera Stojadinovic....

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I wish more of them frequented Typophile. Its like the Oscar Meyer factory in here! Tiff, Linda, Patty and Andi (and others) must have their hands full trying to balance out the testoterone. This is a great thread. Thanks for the links Peter and Tiff.

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I second that Terry. Well said.

Women typographers past? Beatrice Warde.

Women typographers present? Catherine Dixon.

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Amelia Bloomer (she of the rational dress movement) became the first female publisher of a newspaper in the US, The Lily, this was around 1850. I recall reading that she was involved in a battle to get women typographers working on it, but forget where I read that. In "The Origins of graphic design in America" perhaps.

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Elizabeth Friedlander, one of the earliest.



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Gee, thanks Terry! (blush) I hope you put me ahead of Patty only for spelling purposes: I'm otherwise not worthy.


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Linda, he put you ahead because he knows you have a chainsaw and a sledgemammer and aren't afraid to use them :-)


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ROFL! I've also got a large number of very pointy things like 1.25 mm stainless steel knitting needles. ;-)

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Linda, he put you ahead because he knows you have a chainsaw and a sledgemammer and aren’t afraid to use them :-)

Yeah, but I also hear Patty can mess you up pretty good too. :) It was really a matter of deciding between a slightly less brutal beating.

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Gee, more information than I wanted to know about your brand of masochism... ;-)

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Elizabeth "Zab" Hobart

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> I’ve also got a large number of very pointy things like 1.25 mm stainless steel knitting needles. ;-)

Knitting is my favorite hobby!
I’ve got Only One tool that does the work of 3 pointy things: needle, nail and screw. Multipurpose! ;-)

Happy knitting with Flowers

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To the ladies (and friends) who helped to build Compugraphic/Agfa into something more:

Kris Holmes
Janice Prescott Fishman (a different link for Prescott)
Constance Blanchard
Renée LeWinter
Cynthia Hollandsworth Batty (mentioned previously)
Sue Zafarana

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The question was about female typographers, the respondents have moved sideways towards type designers. One can be both, but not usually. Type designers are rarely typographers. More rarely–good ones.

Some names of notable female typographers, Línea Gentry, San Francisco, Edna Beilenson, Peter Pauper Press, Bertha Goudy. I do not have a reference including memory but John Henry Nash worked with an excellent female typographer in his plant.

Not to mention Fiona Garrick. Although many typographers remain nameless it was not uncommon to have female typographers in the hot metal days.


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The question was about female typographers...

Yes, but Brian, the person posting the question, seemed to be confusing typographers with type designers, since he mentioned Zuzanna Licko as an example of a typographer.

Paul Hunt mentioned this, but so far there has been no response from Brian.

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Luce Avérous
Diane Collier
Shelley Winter

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This is my list. Sorry for any duplication of previous posts. I'm sure each of these designed more fonts than those listed.

Jill Bell: Bruno, Hollyweird, Gigi,
Teri Kahan - ?
Carol Kemp: Party, Zinjaro,
Patty King: Blaze
Freda Sack: Ignatius
Carol Twombly: A Caslon, Lithos, Myriad, Trajan
Gundren Zapf von Hesse: Carmina, NoFret
Zuzana Licko: Journal, Mrs Eves

This should probably be a separate post, but years ago I asked about Black type designers with almost no results. The one I know about is Joshua Darden.

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Plenty of bald white guys with wire-rim specs, though.



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Never saw any of those, Nick ;-)

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I've worked in the printing industry for the past 5 years and I'm wondering if there are any online/correspondence courses in Canada to take to become a font creater? Is it a graphics art degree or a specialized course? Thanks!

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@kkjohnson: Patrick Griffin recently made the case for type design education in Canada.

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This is really interesting : "Herederas de la letra: Mujeres y tipografía en la “Nueva España” -


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Wow! Thanks.

But where's Teri Kahan & Carol Kemp?

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