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Volcano Type is a independent font foundry based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The first course: a fast food youthfulness that was served for the first time in 1996. An earthy dish, created by chance, with thirteen organic fonts. Quickly whisked up and devoured. It rarely took more than a few days from sketch to use/digestion by the project. Uncouth forms, erupted from the bowels of the earth. Shattered letters, branded, stressed, humiliated. In order to produce arrogant fonts, far too expressive to last on a page of copy text. Quite indisputably from nature. Still roughly hewn. Raw. Imperfect.

The second course formed a strong contrast: tight concept, linear work, disciplined preparation. In most cases the font was formed by a matrix. Digital cool, sober, reduced. Plenty of free scope, like chess: the board is always the same, the moves always different. Classic openings are followed by unfamiliar variants. Competitive games. Finely nuanced movements. Carefully thought out, one masterminded brainchild after another.

Dessert: mathematical severity is rounded off and smoothed down. Fonts between digital and analogue. Straightened rivers - the surfaces of our times.

Coffee & Cigarettes: a journey through metropoles all around the globe and a interdisciplinary book project, reflecting the cultural sampling, crossing and mixing. Many designers contributed with experimental fonts and font families to the BASTARD book project.

Fonts at Volcano Type have been designed by:
Sandra Augstein
Peter Brugger
Stefan Claudius
Eduardo Escobar
Florian Gärtner
Sirkka Hammer
Lars Harmsen
Martina Hartmann
Sandra Hofacker
David Hubner
Boris Kahl
Matthias Kantereit
Ingo Krepinsky
Heinrich Lischka
Michel M.
Thomas Mettendorf
Christoph Rankers
Dan Reynolds
Andre Rösler
Christoph Seiler
René Verkaart

Plus some design collaborations:
Lars Harmsen, Boris Kahl
Lars Harmsen, Henri Roussier
Lars Harmsen, Boris Kahl, Ulrich Weiss, Nikolai Renger
Paul Hoppe, Boris Kahl
Heidrun Weißschädel, Alexander Kassel

Fontcatalogues and a DVD with fonts free for layout, can be found within these publications:
VERSUS, published by ”die gestalten“ (2004)
BASTARD, published by ACTAR (2006)

Volcano Type fonts are available through MyFonts