Looking for a font similar to Gulliver (as used in USA Today)

can someone please help me find a font that is very similar to the USA TODAY body copy typeface? I know it is Gulliver, but I would like to use a font that I already have that is as close to this as possible.



I need it too... any one can help? pls...

Do you have any of the fonts that were mentioned? What features of Gulliver are you trying to match?

- Mike Yanega

What exactly do you mean with "I need it too..."? You can purchase a license for Gulliver here (although I fear it's price is out of range of most mere mortals.

Do you have Swift? Bitstream Amerigo, also by Gerard Unger, shares some DNA also.

There's a recent font (also used in a newspaper)
by some small* Danish foundry that's close.

* Redundant? :-)


What is the name of this font?

I'll have to do some digging...
I do remember asking somebody who was going to interview Unger
(for TypeRadio) to ask him what he thought of it, but nothing happened.


Even Baker Signet might work.

- Lex

Slimbach always flopped when I tried it; just too weak. That endstroke atop the l/c a just fades in smaller sizes. Try Utopia, very strong for this usage.

To me this sort of question needs more information, such as what are the aspects of Gulliver that appeal to you? Are there specific letters you like? Is it the darkness or color of the type on the page? The x-height?

What would define 'similar' in your view? (It's a very subjective quality, I find.)

- Mike Yanega

Fair enough, but Utopia hardly looks like Gulliver, no? ;^)

Loren, you said you wanted to find something in your own collection that was similar to Gulliver. Can you post a list of serif fonts you have, or tell us what libraries you are using? It seems pointless for us to try to name 'similar' fonts, if we have no idea what you might have.

For example, I would say that DSType's 'Aquila' and 'Cultura' have basic letterforms that are similar to Gulliver; and 'Collis' from TEFF is also rather similar in weight and letter shapes; or 'Fedra Serif B' is visually similar looking on a page and has a wide range of weights.

Do you have any of those?

- Mike Yanega