A must have for the type enthusiast

I just noticed that the DWR newsletter in my email is advertising Spiekermann house numbers. If only i had my own house to put them on...


Oh I like the house stencil and the house square numbers. Nice.

Edit: Of course I like the Meta numbers too.

Those are about the only products there 'within reach'

Damn, they didn't have NOW Sans :-)


do you have NOW on the front of your house, chris?

I love the Neutra numbers as well. We're with you, Paul, no house to put 'em on though....

I was looking into getting NOW Sans Gaunt made into metal numbers but am afraid to ask how much it might cost.


more cool stuff to buy:
vases made from your own signature (follow the links project)

typographic butterflies

I'm in Berlin meeting with Erik and other FontShop folks. He made the installation guide and oversaw the manufacturing process on these numbers, so you can be sure they are quality. Join me in begging that he finish the Tech style into a working font.

I'll join in on that begfest. Puhlease, Erik!