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(x) DIN 16 - Mecanorma {Stephen}

I’ve had DIN 16 in my stockpile of typefaces, and in my efforts to be legit, I am trying to find a place to buy it.

It was created by The Font Company which I can’t find, and the only site that mentions it is www.atomictype.co.uk, but that site hasn’t been touched in years.

DIN 16 looks like a rounded FF DIN.


Here’s what it looks likeDIN 16 sample

DIN 16 & 17 were discussed here in December.

As yet, no one has found a reseller for these Mecanorma
fonts trapped in licensing limbo.

It’s not on MyFonts nor Phil’s Fonts I’m afraid. You should
also look for “isonorm” typefaces. I think Stephen might
know where to find this one.

Hi Stewf I was just talking about you.

Thanks, guys.

You said that your font has a Font Company copyright. Precision Type
carries Font Company Din 16 and its italic. I’m just going to link to their
Search page. Just do a Search on ‘Din 16’ and you’ll be shown both fonts.

I also got word back from Atomic type that they are still in business and it can be purchased from there too.

I appreciate everyone’s help.