Your expertise is humbly requested and greatly appreciated.

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Your expertise is humbly requested and greatly appreciated.

I am an illustrator who has become a regular reader of Typophile in order to learn as much about typography as I can. I have a great deal of respect for the knowledge-base that is open to sharing here on this board.

I have designed a large-display emblem for a salon and I need your help on the text portion of the emblem. Currently, I am using Rosewood Fill; however, it is getting a little too much play these days and I would like to support a different font and its designer. I am aware of Cam, but it doesn't rock my world. I would like to go for something that complements the ornate emblem and personifies luxury. The font should work both within the emblem and on its own. I don't think Rosewod Fill works well on its own for a salon, at least not one that is high-end. Maybe I am asking too much for a font to work in both applications, so the more important application is in the emblem.

My second question is what font(s) do you think work well in this context to accompany the emblem? It should have the feel of luxury like a font that would work well in high-fashion. The font shouldn't compete with the ornateness of the graphic. Price is not an issue.

As a bonus question, I understand Rosewood Fill needs to be kerned manually, I have little knowledge of this other than what looks natural to me, so I ask you to critique the job I have done.

I thank all of you who openly share your vast knowledge of typography here on this board. It greatly helps those of us who may be proficient in other areas, but lack when it comes to typopgraphy.

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Cool, I like it a lot except for one thing. The name needs to be bigger. As it is now the overall "illustration/decoration" is getting far too much attention. I would have the name split in two words in order to make it biggger. The siccors could then be smaller and still be seen. The compact whiteness still make sure they are visible enough. The typeface itself is ok in my opinion. Good luck.