Typeface on US Traffic Signs

Does anyone know the typeface used on STOP signs, caution signs, etc. in the U.S? And if so, where I could get it? Thanks!



What you're looking for is one of the FHWA Standard Alphabets for Traffic Control Devices. Popular immitators include:
Blue Highway

There is also the approved alternate: ClearviewHwy

Interstate is the main Canadian road sign typeface, but i dont think its the same one used on stop signs.

>Interstate is the main Canadian road sign typeface

Are you sure? :-) Maybe that Explains David's new yacht

well it used to be, but new blue roadsigns appear to be something different.

as someone w epilepsy, i dont drive, so i dont see a lot of highway signs.

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thanks a bunch! :)

Where can I get it for free? Well actually, I found Blue Highway on this website, which I believe is close enough?


no type for you!

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Here is a sign of the times for you cat:


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The letters on STREET signs in the USA are different from Interstate signs.

As you can see comparing Chris' photo of the STOP sign with this sample of Interstate.

I think this has come up before and the font used by municipalities is some special font for stamping out signs. There may be imitations out there, but not Interstate or any of its cheaper cognates.

haha chris thanks for the stop sign pic :) love the type under the stop

See also the Roadgeek fonts.

Thanks Cat. If you like that sort of thing, here is a link on Flickr that has many signs that have been "edited" :-)