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Joined: 15 Jan 2004 - 11:00am

I had a pretty good chuckle at that one, i must say.;^D Gimme a few more years with some hands on experience and then i’ll start writing my own studies on good news design.
hey hrant, do you have any place where i can check out pricing info on Patria so that i can give it due consideration?

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Joined: 3 May 2000 - 11:00am

Well, Patria is still not ready for full release. :-/ I know what I need to fix, but it needs to be one big push (just like the first iteration was back when) so I need to be able to allocate a big enough block of undisturbed time. The biggest problem in the current version is the serif structure in the caps. Even so, I actually sold a copy last year to somebody who used it to superb effect:
(Paired with Carter’s Mantinia.)

This is one reason I’d offer a trial scheme (basically because I’d like to have actual newsprint of it in action), but since it would be a “one-off” deal I’d rather not discuss it in public. You could give me your address (the one in your profile here doesn’t seem to work) or just use mine: hrant-thatsymbol-inverselogic-dot-corn.


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Joined: 26 Sep 2003 - 5:58pm

Well, all i can say is good luck. It’s a fun process but a
tricky one as well.

Looks like you’ve made good progress so far Paul. I can’t
give you anymore advice on type that the experts here
haven’t already said. But a few resources for you to check
out in consideration to newspaper design. NewspageDesigner
is wonderful. Get to see what other news and
magazine designers are putting out around the country.
Easily the best resource out there for people dealing with
newspaper design. I would also recomend “Seeing the
Newspaper” by Kevin Barnhurst. I have just started reading
it and it has some good tips/ideas. It was recomended to
me by a newspaper man (photographer, designer,
journalist) with 35+ years of experience in the business.

I can’t say it enough, but just look at other newspapers. Find
ones that you like and enjoy then follow them for a while.
Some of my favorites, as far as design go, are the Orange County
Register, Hartford Courant, Seatle Post Intelligencer, Wisonsin
State Journal just to mention a few. If you need more, I have
about another dozen i could give you to look at.

Oh, and i forgot. Check out Mario Garcia. Some people think
his stuff has become a bit too similar in newspaper design of
late, but many people still bow down before him.

Hope some of these suggestions help. Good luck and remember
to have fun.

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Joined: 15 Jan 2004 - 11:00am

i knew i could count on you to pull though for me, hrant. lemme see if i can answer your questions adequately:
1) Our target demographic is the residents of Winslow, AZ and perhaps reaching into Joseph City (my hometown, yay!) Winslow is an old railroad town and i guess most of the citizenship either be classified as bluecollar or small business owners (in my estimation).
2) Currently our whole paper is set in Times (shudder!) and i think it’s time that be remedied. Lemme upload this week’s front page for ya.

application/x-stuffitThis week’s front page
01 02-04-04.pdf.sit (1207.3 k)

3) abt the authority, we’re a small operation here in Winslow. currently i work doing ad design for the Winslow Mail and our sister publication, the Reminder. but our editor (who currently does ALL the layout) is moving back to TX and there is some chance that i may become responsible for layout of the paper. No matter what happens, though, i’m adamant that we sever our ties with Times and find something fresh.
I kinda like the Cheltenham (thanks for the ID) mast myself, but would like to see something with a bit more sophistication. We are, however, trying to become “the paper for the people” and want it to have more of a hometown feel, so i don’t want to do something too far removed from the people we’re trying to reach. (did i put in enough inconsistencies there?) anyhow all suggestions are welcome. Thnx again!

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Joined: 17 Jan 2004 - 12:20pm

The New York Times did a redesign using Cheltenham for the heads and subheads. I remember listening to the designer talk about the redesign on NPR this last summer. I think you need to divide the projects into small parts and address the biggest problem first. Don’t try to fix everything at once or politics will rear its ugly head. Just some advice

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Joined: 3 May 2000 - 11:00am

First of all, Paul, I really don’t know jack. Stuff I say is based on observation and theory — I have no actual experience in this stuff. So be careful!

I couldn’t load up the PDF. My system (Win-XP) can normally expand Stuff-It files, but it choked on this one — maybe just place the PDF as is.

What’s making Cheltenham a little bit too small-town for your tastes might be the pudgy serifs. So guys, what’s a font like Cheltenham with sharper serifs? Paul, what’s your budget? In any case, I’d still suggest something honest, sturdy and generous like Cheltenham.

Replacing Times: Check out FontBureau’s selection.

That NYT thing was puzzling: as much as I like Cheltenham, and as much as I realize how much that paper has relied on it in the past, it’s really too provincial for NY. I think they didn’t have the balls to break with the past.

BTW, I’d follow Daniel’s advice on the piecemeal approach.


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Joined: 15 Jan 2004 - 11:00am

the big problem here hrant is that i don’t know jack either! ha ha
lemme just post the pdf, here goes…

application/pdfThis week’s front page
FrontPage.pdf (1215.9 k)

as you can see, it just needs a total revamp: layout, fonts, headings, cutlines, subheads, ad nauseum…
The great thing is that we’re a small operation and politics won’t come into play too much (I HOPE!) as there are only 6-7 of us who actually are involved in putting out the paper (8-12 pages on average once a week) and unfortunately i don’t think many of them care as much as i do about the finer details.
I don’t know if we even have a budget to add typefaces to our library, but if worse came to worse, i’d seriously contemplate doing it piecemeal out of my own pocket. if so my budget would be very limited indeed (but i still think it’d be a good investment!)
I checked out fontbureau last nite and nothing really grabbed me, but maybe that was just because i was tired at the end of the day. i’ll peruse their library again. thnx again