(x) "Destricted" black serif face - Times Modern Black {Nick Cooke}

Anyone know?



Times Modern is no longer available. I’ve posted as much as I know here.

Times Modern Black, but the D looks narrower.


Nick Cooke

There's a good chance its ITC Bookman, (85% sure...ish)

Stephen – are you looking at the same thing as me?

Nick Cooke

Sorry that's ITC Bookman 'medium' kinda forgot their so dam many Bookmans'


that is a crazy film, not one to watch with your mother

Have I stepped into a parallel universe?

Nick Cooke

Yves – HELP!

Nick Cooke

I tried to enter this thread but was diverted to The Twilight Zone! What in the blue blazes is happening here!?! :^P

OK, I checked everything. Nick, I think you nailed it. Apart from the narrower UC 'D', Times Modern is indeed a perfect match.

Stephen, why do you think this is ITC Bookman? The sample has sharp, pointy serifs, while ITC Bookman's got chunky rectangular ones. Any amount of squooshing the type will never get you anywhere close.

BTW Nick, Destricted is "a compilation of erotic films intended to illuminate the points where art meets sexuality." Indeed not one to watch with your mother.

Thanks guys. Very insightful. I had no idea it was type for an erotic film.

Caslon Graphique is a good wider alt.