Magic Hour serif face with upright ear on 'g'

whatthefont at myfonts says century bold condensed or cheltenham, but those are not right. Anyone have a better idea?


Looks like a century to me.

The tail of the "a" flips up more on Century. Also the lowercase c curls up and in more. Unless it is a basterdized Century.

I always find it bizarre when people decide for us that a certain ID is going to be easy. :^P

Sorry, it just looks so normal (common). I'm figuring that it is my lack of abilities compared to the wizards on this board. You guys seem to find the most obscure fonts from independent foundries.

What is the source of this sample?

I want to lobby for some sort of heavy Caslon. I think the 'g' is the key (hey, it rhymes), and that ear is way too vertical for the Century's I am seeing.

- Mike Yanega

After further looking I think I want to change my focus to Modern. See these samples of ITC Modern 216. The 'g' is much closer, and it would be almost perfect if the tails were shorter.

- Mike Yanega