Thereza - First serif font! Please critique!!

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I'm starting to develop my first serif typeface and would like to know what you all think of it.
I'm trying to create a interesting rhythm and maybe a dynamic look for it. Not sure if the overall weight is correct. I had a lot of trouble getting the s and g right. Hope it looks good.

Please critique!!!


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After a quick look, overall, I like it; I've always had a soft spot for typefaces that have a feeling of movement to them.

Generally, I feel like the characters aren't quite cohesive yet. The h, a, m, b, and o are for the most part smoothly curved, with the characteristic pointed stroke endings, but the r, f, t, and g (especially the g) have their smoothness interrupted by angled lines. In addition, those letters show some asymmetric sections (like the crossbars of the f and t) that I don't see on the other letters. I think you need to decide in which direction you want to take it -- toward the smooth, Sauna-esque curves of the h and n, or toward the rougher shapes of the r and g.

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Thank you for your comments. It helped me a lot.
I've decided to go with the softer look :-). I hope I've got it right now!

Thanks again!!

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Much, much better, I think. It seems more like a cohesive unit now.

In my very non-expert eyes, my main issue is with the "ball" ending of some of your letters (the top of the a, the loop of the g, the s, etc.). It seems like most of your letters make use of the angled ending, so the ball ending seems a bit jarring in some cases. It's not too distracting in the a, f, and r, but the g and s feel somewhat different from the other letters. I think, again, you have to choose whether to add more ball endings to make these less out of place or to remove the ball endings altogether.

Also, I'm not crazy about the curved attachment between the crossbar of the f and the body; it makes the area where they meet too heavy. And finally, the bottom of the v and the shape of the e (especially the bottom-right corner of the counter) seem a bit off. Maybe sharpening them in line with the other stroke endings could help, but I'm not sure.

Anyhow, I really like your effort. As I said previously, it reminds me of Sauna, which I'm a fan of. Do you have any other letters to show off yet?

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Hi Reed.
I have done some changes on the hole typeface. I hope it changed for better. I may be looking to much and trying to hard to get this right:-)
There are many thinks that don't look right yet, but anyway, I wanted to show you want I've been up to.
Your critique has help me a lot so far.

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I only have a second to respond now; I'll hopefully have time to look harder sometime soon. Regarding the capitals, I'm not so sure how well they fit. They seem handwritten (although maybe you just haven't refined them yet), which doesn't jibe with the soft but precise feel of the lowercase.

While I like some of your lowercase tweaks on a character-by-character basis (like the g), overall it's quite a different typeface now. I'll have to think if I like that you removed a number of the curved stroke endings, as I quite enjoyed them popping up everywhere. Weight-wise, the t, q, w, and x seem too heavy.

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The top of the new g is tasty! The bottom seems less good maybe the change in direction at the top can occur sooner. Maybe the ball at the end can be made more like the tops of the f or b. The caps feel too heavy in comparison to the lc. The lc is starting to really work so I would modify the caps in favor of the lc. That o is a bit less round than I want. I like the feeling in the UC JKXY & V!

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Also, keep weight consistent. For example, it looks like the thin in your K is about the same thickness as the thicks in your B and P. A lot of your stroke endings are pretty bland, like the middle bar of the E. I might suggest either adding a little bit of a serif or tapering it out a little like in Palatino Italic. Many of the bottom strokes are bland too, and to some extent this is good because it keeps it from being too dazzling, but I think you should spice it up a little bit, like on the descenders of p and q maybe. Some of your curves seem a bit deformed, too--most evident in the O. Something odd is going on on its left, especially at the SW area but also in NW. Make the curves flow smoother and maybe move your bottom control node a little to the right. I enjoy the flavor--like soft serve. I second Auricfuzz in missing the cursive stroke endings. Right now the design seems kind of static. I think you could make it more dynamic by curving some things that are straight, like for example the leg of the k. Overall very smooth and friendly and creamy and I want to use it as a bed and sleep on it. Maybe have some hot chocolate.

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> Maybe have some hot chocolate.

In Barcelona.


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Thanks for all your comments!!
I'm working hard on it. Still a lot to do :-)
Definitely having a great time doing this type.
I hope I'll be able to show you all a nice result.

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Hello again!!!
I've uploaded a pdf - TherezaTest - on the top of the page with a sample of Thereza on running text (didn't know how to upload a file on a new message). I'm curious to know what you all think of it. I'm aware that there is still a lot of work to do. I'm still not happy with some of the character. Not sure if the q t e v are working. I also don't know if I keep the top of the R for all round-square forms or the top of the P.

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