(x) UN Office of Legal Affairs - Arnhem, Apex New {David Jonathan Ross, Village}

Hi everyone,
Can anyone help in identifying the two typefaces (one sans-serif typeface used in all-caps only - looks like Gotham perhaps?, and one serif typeface) used by the UN Office of Legal Affairs in their graphic titles and navigation at their website at http://untreaty.un.org/ola/ ?

Any help much appreciated!


At a glance, the serif font looks like Arnhem (www.ourtype.com). But I'd wait for someone else to confirm that.


I'm pretty sure the sans is Apex New Medium [Small Caps], available exclusively from Village:

Look at the glyph table for Medium:

The "earmarks" in the glyphs are:
A's crossbar and stance
C's openness
G's crossbar
M's raised center
R's straight leg
S's center

That looks correct! Thanks so much.