The Chinese Helvetica

I am looking for a Chinese character set that has similar qualities to a modern san serif like Univers, Frutiger or Helvetica. (meaning not script)
If anyone has a suggestion or could even direct me to a Chinese foundry or type designer, I would be eternally grateful.


Adobe Acrobat now includes a sans serif Simplified Chinese font (AdobeHeitiStd-Regular) that can be used for authoring purposes, and we also bundle this font with many of our other applications (when it is localized for China). It's a very good design, and covers GB 18030, meaning that all of the hanzi in the URO and Extension A are included, to the tune of 30K glyphs. We purchased this design from Changzhou SinoType.

Dr. Ken Lunde
Senior Computer Scientist, CJKV Type Development
Adobe Systems Incorporated

I realize I'm coming into this very late, but for future reference, buying the fonts directly from Dynacomware is much cheaper than from Linotype, at $25 a pop. They're one of the cheapest type foundries for East Asian stuff (if not the cheapest), and they offer packs of fonts at a further huge discount as well.

Note that for Japanese, Morisawa's Medium Gothic BBB was actually packaged with Helvetica for a long time. They have since replaced it with a proprietary face in the OpenType version of the font (Helvetica was seen as having glyphs that were a wee bit too small and heavy), but it's still very close to Helvetica aside from the a (has a cut-off tail like in Arial or the heavier weights of Helvetica, but otherwise it resembles Helvetica's a more than Arial's), the g (double-story), the r (the top is a little shorter), and the y (the tail curves a little differently).

Here's a comparison of the two versions:

$ 2500 dollars? This crazy! 6763 I developed a set of simplified characters is the font is almost the work of fees. . . In addition, the Founder Font font is the price of acquisition

Are you using OS X?

"Are you using OS X?"

Yes indeed.

According to Linotype:

Many customers ask us what good non-Latin typefaces can be mixed with Helvetica. Fortunately, Helvetica already has Greek and Cyrillic versions, and Helvetica™ World includes a specially-designed Hebrew Helvetica in its OpenType character set. But Linotype also offers a number of CJK fonts that can be matched with Helvetica.

Chinese fonts that pair well with Helvetica:
DF Hei (Simplified Chinese)
DF Hei (Traditional Chinese)
DF Li Hei (Traditional Chinese)
DFP Hei (Simplified Chinese)

Japanese fonts that pair well with Helvetica:
DF Gothic
DF Gothic P
DFHS Gothic

Korean fonts that pair well with Helvetica:
DFK Gothic

Thank you so much Conor. Perfect.

I had actually contacted a few foundries and non had Chinese fonts, so I assumed Linotype would be the same.

I am reigniting this thread as I am still looking for a simplified Chinese font that will buddy well with Helvetica. Unfortunately Conors Linotype suggestion DF Hei was too expensive at $2500 USD for 5 weights.

If anyone knows of a cheaper alternative, I would be eternally grateful.

Many thanks.

Keith Tam is an expert on using Chinese & Latin type together. You could ask him.

> …DF Hei was too expensive…

Apologies. Didn’t realise. William’s advice seems pretty sound though.

I’ll keep an eye out in the meantime.

No need to apologize, thank you very much for the links.

The best option I have found so far is Monotype Hei

I am currently waiting for a quote, though if anyone has an alternate suggestion please let me know. Thanks all.

URW++ have Chinese fonts, cheaper licensing than others. We have spec’d them for Bosch and other international clients.

monotype China type design ltd.

Thanks Erik, thanks Jing.