(x) "Sam Flores: Water Under the Bridge" swashy script - hand lettered {Lex}

Was looking for a font like this with multiple swashes. Please use the link to www.whitewallssf.com

Looking for the font that says "Sam Flores: Water Under the Bridge"

This particular font is for an art show at Whitewalls Gallery in SF. If anyone can identify the font, or something vaguely similar, I'd be in your debt.


I don't think this is a font - the 'e's are all different.

You might(?) like Poesie Noire though. Marcio's site seems to be down, but you can Google for it.

- Lex

Yep, that is some beautiful calligraphy done by hand. I would look for a lettering artist to do your logo. I think there is a local calligraphy organization in SF that can help you.