Getting Typophile content back online

I'm happy to report that we've unlocked the secret to porting our original Typophile content to the new framework. It's eluded us for some time.

First up is Typography 101: Jonathan Hoefler's Type Styles 101, taken from the course he taught at Yale.

Watch for more to come in this vein.


Awesome news.



Wasn't expecting to post again so soon, but here it is:

Typography 110: Jonathan Hoefler's Introduction to Typeface Design 110

You can also access it via the Resources page.


Thank you very much for this Jared. Great resources both.

Excellent, thanks.

Note: the link for "resources" in the menu bar at the top is not yet activated.

Yep, soon we'll re-enable both Resources and Projects.

Whoop! Whoop! Gotta love progress. Godspeed all.