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This is a third viewing.

Here is what's new:

- Completely revised outlines
- Expanded glyph set

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Here are the unicode listing for the two-part glyphs: uni01C4 uni01C5 uni01C6 uni01C7 uni01C8 uni01C9 uni01CA uni01CB uni01CC

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Thanks very much!

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Dear Eben
It's such a colossal work you are into, with so many of technical limitations. I'm not familiar with so many of these technical issues regarding your font, that it's hard for me to comment. I'm designing fonts as a graphic designer who has an ever-lasting love for typography, mainly because I design lots of books, catalogues, etc. That means I'm drawing lots of glyphs for specific projects, but I never edited a complete font in Fontlab.

FEED-Mono is intended for a personal use – it would be part of our studio branding – is intended for print. It was also a good pretext to put myself into Fontlab.

But after looking at your the last posts of this thread, my main concern is about the r. Someone already told you this, but I really think you should add a serif to it, the spacing would be much better.

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Thanks Raphael!

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"..OSX gives you the ability to turn smoothing on below 12 but not to turn it off above 12. So I can look at it both ways in 12 but not say 13."

hmm, I'm late, but I have an answer here. Two useful tricks: will happily display type any size you like, with or without antialiasing, whatever the system settings. Make a sample file with textEdit, save it as plain-text in your home dir, let's say filename "sample.txt". Open up, size it conveniently, and type
cat sample.txt
Poof! Instant screenshot fodder. Since there are size+- hotkeys, I used Terminal extensively tweaking the hints of my own font.

For the slightly braver, open up and type
defaults write 'Apple Global Domain' AppleAntiAliasingThreshold 14
This sets the system-wide antialiasing threshold to 14pt. Any number from 1 to 128 will work.

-- R.

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Hey, that's some great trickery! I'll have to test it out. Thanks!


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It is old, but really looks pretty good to me, I using the latest FontViewer to browse, it is very beautiful.
, Thanks.

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I should give an update and say that the forms have all changed since this thread was last added to by me and it is looking a great deal better not least because of the improved r with a serif. I expect to push it into the world in a year and half or so depending on if I tinker with it here at Reading.

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