Typophiles For Peace

Typophiles for Peace

When the War on Terror was in its early stages in 2003, the Typophile community responded by creating a digital quilt to express their viewpoints. Participants were encouraged to submit a 100 x 100 tile and a link to a site of their choice.

Unfortunately, the messages herein are just as relevant today as they were three years ago. If you’d like to add tiles to this growing work, submit them as Comments [requires login] and we’ll harvest them into the quilt as we go.

Your tile here. Your tile here. Your tile here.



the works is blowing up


the works is blowing up





Why not a Dufar Quilt?

Jason C

Just a note: The very first image shown on this page is an artwork I (!) created, and featured on www.formlos.net previously (www.formlos.net/Folio/Archive/NoWar), and I dont really know how or why this is related to the linked site lukash.co.uk (Which doesnt seem to exist any longer, by the way.)?

(Did, whoever is/was beyond lukash.co.uk, submit this image? Is there any name related to lukash.co.uk or the person who submitted this? Thank you. Seeing images I designed / created getting abused / credited to other people sure makes me slightly angry.)