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Hello everybody,

wow, it has been a long time since my last post here.
I am back to you with quite an easy question for the ones, who do this. Just look over your shoulder: what books do you recommend for those, working on the concept, both visual and business, of a magazine?

To this moment I have purchased:
"How Now to Start a Magazine" by B.Ann Bell (already read)
"Starting and Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine" by Cheryl Woodard (now reading)
"Merz to Emigre and beyond" by Steven Heller

From me summer reading I will most probably re-read "The Education of an Art Director" by Steven Heller. "Exercises in Style" by Raymond Queneau will probably also be purchased on the nearest occasion.

But I guess, there are more, which are worth investing in. Or are there?

Thanks a lot!


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"MagCulture: new magazine design" by Jeremy Leslie is cool.


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For some creative inspiration, check out "Magazine Design That Works" and "Publication Design Workbook," both published by Rockport. Timothy Samara wrote "Publication Desing Workbook" and you seem to be a fan of his work ("Making and Breaking the Grid" was by him), so maybe that's a good fit.

Yes, I browsed your Web site. Very nice. I hope to look around more thoroughly when I'm not at work...

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thanks, hrant. already looking at it.

sevety7, thanks for the warm words. :)
however, timothy samara is not my favourite author. that book on grids hasn't featured the best layout - my eyes get moist when I try to read that light gray text on glossy stock. But I'll still take a look at that book you've mentioned; hopefully his style got easier on reader. Thanks!

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No, it didn't.

From a review @ amazon for "PDW":
"My only gripe would be that... the type used for the main text is too light and hard to read! - which kind of contradicts the subject?"


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Yes, the text is definitely a strain on the eyes.

The case studies and content make it worth the purchase IMHO.

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For a purely visual review of good magazine design, pick up a copy of the the Society of Publication Designers' annual.

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