ho ho ho

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does anyone know where i can procure a typographically brilliant christmas card? hook me up with the link! promote your own work. (as long as it's brilliant. hee hee.)

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Online or Print?

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print, please.

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not to hijack this thread completely, but does anyone know of any print-on-demand places that do cards? (i guess i could check cafe press myself, eh?)

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I do mine on my Epson SPR300: depending on quantity (i.e., under 50), it's as cheap if not cheaper than most POD places.

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If you are so happy to be near a shop that sells Hallmark cards you could check them out.

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I think the Dot Screen Holiday cards from Plum Press are adorable.

FWIW: Sara Soskolne, who works at Hoefler & Frere-Jones, is one of the partners.

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