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Lexus Special, does anybody know the distributor?

We are trying to track down the distributor for the font "Lexus Special". The original name could be differnet. Please see the attached image. It's Monotype Baskerville with serifs chopped off here and there. None of the big foundries seems to have it. Does anybody know it?
Thanks a lot


Where did this sample come from? Is it a bespoke font for the car company Lexus? If so, it's probably not available to the public. More information on where you saw this font would be helpful.

- Lex(us Special)

I doubt this is a legit custom face for Lexus. It's a messy mess.

How sad. It looks like someone tortured Baskerville.

Cute post, Tiffany.

> looks like someone tortured Baskerville.)

Mrs Eaves, perhaps?

A design agency in UK send it to us asking about the distributor, because they themselves don't know where it came from. A typical case of somebody either hacking (torturing) Baskerville or copying it onto the agency's servers.
Unfortunately I don't have more information, that's why I hoped that somebody would recognise it.

I also doubt that it was a custom job for Lexus (car), but who know's...

Cursetom design

> It looks like someone tortured Baskerville.

Well, pretty much the whole of England tortured him, especially after he died.


Design agencies in England are very fond of chopping serifs off here and there and calling it 'design'. (And probably charging a fortune).

Lazy amatuerish crap.

Nick Cooke

Where did this sample come from?

The sewers? Put it back there, please.